We removed the concrete floor in the kitchen and hallway that was sitting on top of the wood floor in a day.   We also removed the wood floor and subfloor and leveled the beams using 2×4’s by finding the highest and lowest point in the apartment and raising the floor at the lowest point to the highest point by putting in 2×4’s that are  parallel to the 10″ wood beams.   We also removed a lot of terrible plumbing lines and weaving a new plumbing line through the wall to give the client more free cabinets.   Her drain line to her kitchen sink was going through the cabinets.   And now, we have it going through the wall.  We also moved her stove to the other wall and this required a black pipe that would go through the back of the cabinets. We also made demolition in the 3rd bedroom closet to restore a half bathroom as well as did more demo in the master bedroom to open up the space.