Real Estate Marketing Plans

Here are just a small sample of plans that I created for   The 99 John St. plan was not an easy plan because of the lack of walls coming to together in 90 degree angles.   The building is not square.   116 Waverly Place has 11,000 square feet of building  It was an old tenement building that was converted into a single family home in Greenwich Village.  They are hoping to sell this building for 34 million.  The 400 Park Ave penthouse apartment is a 15 million dollar apartment with full concierge service.   It takes up the entire floor of the building and it is at the same height and directly facing the Empire State Building.   There are a few apartments like this in this building.   The master bedroom has pocket doors between the bathroom and the master bedroom that are raised about 4 feet above the floor so that it opens and closes kind of like a window.   It is a unique design.  The windows are floor to ceiling glass and they are three dimensional and angular.   The last plan is a townhouse in Greenwich Village that this unusual Rocker looking couple bought during the economic downturn.   They live elsewhere and seem to be wanting to rent it out for 22,000 a month.

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