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How to Pick Out Door Hinges

How Many Hinges Per Door?How Many Hinges GraphThe number of hinges you require will be contingent upon the height and weight of your doors. Use this chart to determine how many hinges you will need. For instance, a 43″ high door weighing 14 lbs would require 3 hinges.Installing Your HingesAccuracy is crucial to the successful installation of hinges and to assure proper door alignment. Rockler recommends using the appropriate installation jig or the guide of your choice. See our line of installation Jig-It’s, and self-centering drill bits for more information.

Hinges – Commercial and Residential Door Hinges

Steel HingeLooking for door hinges for your home or business project? Well, this probably one of the easiest tasks you’ll face in your remodeling or construction project. Finding the proper door hinge for your doors can be done online fast and easy! Bolton Hardware carries an array of door hinges that varies from brass hinges to stainless steel door hinges to spring hinges.

There are various types of door hinges to choose from, including stainless steel hinges, commercial door hinges, commercial spring hinges and brass hinges. The steel hinges may be one of the most popular, besides the brass door hinge. Stainless steel door hinges are perfect because they are durable. Then if you are constructing or remodeling an area that needs to be tightly secured, consider getting the heavy duty hinges. You’ll definitely need to have the heavy duty hinges on your front door of your home or facility as well. We carry an array of hinges varying from commercial hinges to industrial door hinges.

Brass HingeProperly measuring your door hinge is important for ensuring that they are installed properly. Our door hinges can be installed using screws, glue, & nails. There’s a way you can measure your door hinge simply with the use of coins. If you are able to place a dime in the corner of the hinge, without any space around it, it’s a ¼” round door hinge. But if you’re able to place a quarter in the corner of the door hinge, you have a 5/8” round door hinge. When purchasing or making door hinges, make sure that you look at the shape of the hinge piece on the door to ensure that it is the right fit.

If you are unsure of which type of door hinge to purchase, just take a look at the grade of door and its purpose. If your doors are made with solid wood and are tall and heavy, heavy duty hinges will be your best option. Then take a look at the location of the doors you are installing; if they are located in an exterior environment, steel door hinges are good because they can withstand nature’s elements (especially in the regions along the coast).

Spring HingeThere are three different types of door hinges you can purchase, square corner, ¼” round corner and 5/8” round corner. When replacing hinges, make sure that they are the same size. It’s pretty obvious to replace a square corner door hinge, but the round corners will have to be measured, so it can be a bit more difficult to replace. Just use the coin technique to help you figure it out quickly and easily.

Although you are able to put a round hinge on a square hinged door, it just doesn’t look good. So if your concern is more on presentation than just getting a hinge on there, you may want to stick with the same shape. Installing the hinge on the door is pretty simple. You simply remove the screws from the old hinge and screw in the new one into the same holes. The new door hinge should come with its own screws.



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      Examine your existing door and frame. It is often easiest to match your existing hinges to make installation easier. If your new hinges are significantly different than your old ones, you may have to make substantial changes to the door and frame before installing these hinges.

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      Compare surface-mounted and concealed hinge options. Most standard butt hinges are surface mounted on the door or frame. Concealed hinges are mounted within the door and frame so only a small section of the hinge is visible. While this creates a clean appearance, concealed hinges are very difficult to install. Unless you have strong woodworking skills, you’ll need to hire a professional to prep your door for concealed hinges. The majority of homeowners can install surface-mounted hinges with no special tools or skills.

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      Decide whether to use bearing or non-bearing hinges. Bearing hinges have a series of ball bearings between each hinge knuckle. While they are more expensive than non-bearing hinges, they also hold up better in high traffic or high abuse situations. They are almost always the better choice for exterior openings, and can be used on any frequently used doors.

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      Select the correct size for your hinges. On 1-3/8 inch thick doors, use 4-inch hinges on doors up to 36-inches wides. For 1-3/4 inch thick doors, use 4-1/2 inch hinges for doors up to 36-inches, or 5-inch hinges on doors up to 48-inches in width. Hinges that are too small for the door will fail over time, causing the door to catch or drag on the frame or the floor.

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      Pick the correct hinge weight. Standard-weight hinges are used on the majority of doors. For residential doors thicker than 2-inches, or doors subject to high abuse, consider heavy-weight hinges for better performance.

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      Use hinges with non-removable pins on exterior doors, or any openings where security is a concern. On a standard hinge, thieves can easily tap out the hinge pin to gain access to the home. Hinges with non-removable pins have a small set screw to prevent removal of the pin, helping to keep your home more secure.

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      Match the finish of your hinges to the remainder of your hardware. If your locks are brass, stick with brass hinges for the most pleasing appearance. For exterior doors, make sure the material you choose can withstand moisture damage. Brass, stainless steel and chromium are popular choices for resisting rust and corrosion on exterior openings.

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      Choose a hinge design that matches your decor. While standard hinges are fairly basic, buyers will find many different styles and designs to complement the look of the home. Choose from units with radius corners or elaborate profiles to add style to your doors.

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