Selecting a Bathtub

Selecting a bathtub begins by selecting a type of bathtub and material:

Bathtubs are made out of the following materials

Bathtub Material Rankings:

  1. Cast Iron
  2. Solid Surface
  3. Acrylic
  4. Viktrel- Composite material
  5. Steel with enamel porcelain – Americast
  6. Fiberglass

Bathtubs can also be made out of Soap Stone or Solid Stone or Wood too.


Bathtubs are usually 30″x60″, 32″x60″, and larger usually.


  • Alcove
  • Drop in Bathtubs
  • Free Standing Tub
  • Corner Bathtub
  • Undermount Bathtub

Bathtub Materials

Comparison Chart


Sturdy; not likely to chip; comes in a variety of colors and high gloss finishes; retains heat well.
Heaviness can create problems during moving and placement of tub; susceptible to rusting; limited shapes.
From $900 to $6,000.
Fairly sturdy; lighter than cast iron and less expensive.
Susceptible to chipping and denting.
$200 to $1,000.
Variety of shapes and colors; surface is easy to care for; light.
Susceptible to chipping and stains; exposure to certain cleaning supplies can break down the chemical bond in acrylic.
$200 to $1,000.
Cheap; extremely lightweight; offers sharp, geometric corners.
Least durable material; prone to scratches.
$150 to $400.




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