Panel Door Profiles

Choose one of our 66 panel and sticking profile combinations
from below to add the finishing touch to your door.

Sticking Options

Reverse roman ogee stickingOG – Roman ogee
Square stick stickingSS – Square stick
Quarter bead stickingQB – Quarter bead
Quarter round stickingQR – Quarter round
One step stickingOS – One-step
Bevel stickingBV – Bevel
Traditional stickingTR – Traditional
Quirk mouldingQM – Quirk moulding
Low profile panel bolection mouldingLP – Low profile moulding
Bolection mouldingBM – Bolection moulding
Big Bolection mouldingBBM – Big bolection moulding

Panel Options

A raised panelA – Raised panel
B scoop panelB – Scoop panel
C flat panelC – Flat panel
D double hip panelD – Double hip panel
E senior raised panelE – Senior raised panel
F senior bevel panelF – Senior bevel panel

TruStile (TS) Series

The TS series features over 100 architecturally-correct panel door styles from one- to nine-panel configurations. Each door is built with genuine stile and rail construction, and is not routed or stamped. As a result, our doors have crisp, clean lines and, quite simply, feel solid.

Find your preferred TS panel door from the selections below, which can then be completed in the materialand profile you desire. Check out our door options to add even more character to your selection.

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